Online T-Shirt Business

Tips on Starting A Successful Online T-Shirt Business

Putting up your own business isn’t as costly and hard as it had been before all the technological advancements of today. With these developments, one can put up an online business first, such as an online t shirt printing business, instead of opening a brick and mortar store right away. Having said that, there are still guidelines to follow to ensure the success of your online t-shirt business.

  1. Choose A Target Market

The first step in starting up your t-shirt business is determining your target market. If you know your target market, it will be easier for you to iron out other details. Consider focusing on one tor two target markets first, then expand from there.

  1. Come Up with Your Own Designs

If you know that you are creative enough, opt to designing your own t-shirts. Many businesses offer custom t-shirts, but there’s no need to worry because that is different from having your own designs. If you use your own creativity, you are also branding your business and its products, which will leave a mark on buyers and will therefore make it easier for them to remember your business and purchase again.

  1. Ask for Opinions

When you’ve come up with your own designs, do not release them before asking for other people’s opinions. Ask family members and close friends about what they think of the design, and be open about changes should they give you constructive criticism. Ask people within your target market for their opinion as well. This way, you’ll get a glimpse of what will and won’t appeal to the market.

  1. Get the Highest Quality of Shirts Possible

It’s not about the designs alone. The quality of the t-shirts matter as well, so choose where you’ll get your t-shirts from carefully. If your budget allows it, choose the one with the highest quality but will also allow you to still post reasonable profit.

  1. Ensure Quality Prints

Prints have to be of high quality along with the t-shirts themselves. No matter how good your designs are, if the prints don’t last, buyers won’t take the time of the day to buy again from your business.

  1. Choose A Platform

Because this is an online t-shirt business, your platform will play a major role in its success. You can choose to put up your own website or avail one of the business pages from platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s reliable and will allow people to easily access your page and  products.

  1. Decide on Production Method

There are pros and cons with every production method. You can self-produce your t-shirts, or you can order them in from a manufacturing company. If you have time and choose to self-produce, you get to control both the quality and quantity of the shirts, but if it’s too time consuming for you, you can just partner up with a reliable manufacturer.

  1. Set Up A Reliable Shipping and Payment Methods

You need to choose your shipping and payment methods carefully. One of the reasons people choose to buy online is its convenience, therefore your shipping and payment methods should be as easy and reliable as possible. Make sure, of course, that they’re secure as well.

  1. Market Your Business

It’s now time for you to market your online t-shirt business. Take advantage of social media platforms and other websites that offer promotions, and ask your family and friends to share your business website and page.


Online businesses have a lot of competitors, but if your products stand out and their quality is reliable enough, your chances of making it in the industry will rise.

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