The Mystic Journal Fact, Fiction, and Conjecture Magazine serve to let our readers experience what children experience when they hear stories they haven’t heard before. It gives our readers that sense of excitement of knowing things that they don’t know.

Our authors share their stories based on studies and researches conducted by scientists, but of course with a mixture of their own wild imagination. The magazine has continued to amaze its readers, both young and old, men and women, as it continues to reveal new information, even if some are not yet scientifically proven. It is actually the innate curiosity of people that keeps our magazine alive.

The magazine is updated every now and then, as studies about known mysteries of our world are continued by the most curious. Our scope comes from questions that history hasn’t answered yet, to present new mysterious discoveries of researchers who driven by passion.

We seek to keep our readers active and intact as they are the life of our magazine, and we are committed to giving our readers a reading experience they will never forget. We have high hopes that all our readers will keep in touch with our stories and continue to offer entertainment to their minds with us.